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                                          Frequently Asked Questions 

Over hang growth

You are well within your right to cut back any overhanging branches without permission, as long as it doesn't require going into your neighbours garden/land. Any cuttings must be offered to the owner. If they don't want them, then you will be responsible for their disposal.


It is against the law to disturb wild birds during nesting. Before you start to cut the hedge or tree, please check there no bird nests currently in use. Generally, the nesting season is between March and July but this is a guideline.

TPO and Conservation areas

TPO stands for 'Tree Preservation Order', and there are a number of reasons a tree or an area may be protected. Any tree is eligible for protection, regardless of age, species or size, but not all are protected. To find out if a tree is protected you will need to contact your local council. It is the decision of the tree officer as to how much or how little a tree can be changed, cut and maintained. 


Some properties have legal covenants which lay down rules, about the size or type of hedge you are allowed to grow. Details of these are normally found in the deeds of your house.

Planning conditions

Some hedges and trees must be maintained within the terms of the planning permissions for your property. Please check with your local council. You may need their consent to remove a hedge or tree.

Green waste

All of the green waste we take away is disposed of at a registered green waste disposal site. From there it is recycled for a number of different uses, such as fuel, flower beds, pathways and heating, to name a few. There are many different ways to re-use logs and wood chip. Please ask for more useful ideas.

When's the best time of year to cut a tree?

There are many different species of tree, and they will all have different times of the year that they should be cut. Doing so at the wrong time of year can damage the health of the tree and lead to poor growth, or death. Please contact a professional to get the best and most accurate advice before cutting.

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